Effective Traffic Control Services: Road Safety Solutions & Management

Traffic Control Services

Effective Traffic Control Services: Road Safety Solutions & Management

Controlling the traffic is something that many young children dream about having the power to do. But taking control of the flow of traffic is never the easy task that they imagine it to be. Rather, it takes quite a bit of advanced planning, some initiative, and no small amount of equipment to redirect traffic.

Luckily for you, here at TrafficWorx, we know all about redirecting traffic, including what you need and common issues or pitfalls you might come up against. Once you’ve gotten all your permits and plans, we can help with sourcing the actual traffic control supplies that you’ll need to get traffic moving the way you want it to.

Rubber Traffic Control Supplies

The most common traffic control supplies are things like speed bumps, roundabouts, kerb barriers, or parking buffers. Often, these supplies come as concrete or asphalt. Unfortunately, this makes them difficult to place, use, and expensive to transport.

Alternatives like rubber supplies are a durable and cost-effective way to get the same result. They’re lightweight enough to be moved in and out of place quickly and come pre-made for easy and fast installation. If you need a longer term solution, we also offer onsite installation so you know it won’t move. We also provide ancillary signage.


Arrowboards are the big signs with lights to direct traffic. These have been found to be more effective at gaining the attention of the public than a static sign. They also have the benefit of being able to alert motorists to hazards more quickly and are a great choice in the event of a sudden road diversion or change in conditions.

Arrowboards also have the ability to use multiple lighting sequences. This means it is possible to use a mobile arrowboard and change the signals given to motorists at different points in the journey.

Lighting Towers

Without light, work simply has to cease. Our mobile lighting towers are an excellent lighting solution as they’re simple and easy to install. They’re portable and have a simple plug and play set-up, which makes it easy to illuminate areas quickly.

Several kinds of lighting towers are available, from inflatable broad spread outdoor lighting to more directable lighting. In order to be safe, it’s ideal for the working conditions to equate to daylight conditions, meaning that a high-wattage, powerful lighting solution like these lighting towers will be your best friend.

Variable Message System (VMS) Boards

If you’ve ever been driving past a construction site and thought to yourself, “Man, it would be great to get a message up on one of those,” the good news is you can! While many people think that these VMS boards are only for road workers, you can actually hire them for a wide variety of purposes.

They’re able to show messages all day and night with solar power and GPS tracking locations. They also have a remote control messaging system, so you can change up the message if you choose to.

You can even have these message boards as a portable system, roaming around the city getting people hyped up for your event. Research has shown that most people read these signs as they drive along, so it’s a great way to get your event out there!


We also have a range of barriers and barricades available for hire. These come in a variety of sizes and strengths, and include options like water-filling for different traffic conditions.  These are often required for safety, so make sure to check your traffic control plan and ensure you have enough of them across all areas required.

If you struggle with reading your traffic control plan, TrafficWorx can also help you with ensuring that you meet all your safety and regulatory conditions.

Road Line Marking

Road lines are one of the most confusing things on a project and are therefore the among easiest to get wrong. Applying road line markings correctly is crucial to avoid confusing motorists because motorists are so used to following the lines of the road. Particularly at night, the glow from the old lines tends to be visible, so the correct road line markings must be clear.

The team at TrafficWorx are well prepared and have extensive experience making road line markings for either temporary or permanent applications. They’ll be able to ensure there’s no confusion for the motorists on where they need to go.

Construction Site Signage

Many different signs are required for a construction site, and TrafficWorx has them all. Come visit us for your construction signage needs and we’ll deliver you a streamlined solution for efficacy and safety.

TrafficWorx are experts at traffic control services and have a wide range of products available to make your life easier. To learn more about how we can help, get in touch with a member of our friendly team today!