Traffic Control Permits for Roadway Harmony

Traffic Control Permits

Traffic Control Permits for Roadway Harmony

If you have ever been driving home after a long day, and ended up trapped in an endless queue of people trying to leave an event, we can commiserate with you. There is nothing worse than watching that endless queue grow steadily longer—unless you happen to be responsible for it!

If you are in the event planning or traffic management business, then you likely already know how important it is to have a well-thought out plan for managing the flow of traffic to, around and out of your event.

But if you are in those businesses and left constantly scratching your head wondering what went wrong, TrafficWorx is here to help.

Who are TrafficWorx?

TrafficWorx is a traffic management solution company and is the one-stop shop for devising a traffic management plan. They know all the tips and tricks to make your event go smoothly and can come up with a guide—including timelines and checklists—to ensure the traffic management for your event goes according to plan.

Whether you are working in construction and need to block off a road for a few hours, or if you are in the private sector and need to redirect traffic around a few streets, TrafficWorx can help you out.

TrafficWorx are not only capable of providing you with a plan for the event, but also with signage and trained traffic controllers to make sure your plan goes off without a hitch. This starts from the very beginning of the planning, with checking you are up-to-date on all your permits and plans.

Why are traffic control permits so important?

When in the throes of event planning, it can be really easy to dismiss traffic control permits as an annoyance that you will deal with later. But not having the appropriate permits can hold up every other aspect of your plan and make it completely impossible to have your event go forth as expected.

Gaining the appropriate permits often takes hours of filling in forms and filing them with the appropriate departments, and if you don’t have someone in charge of doing that routinely, it can be both nerve-wracking and highly likely to go wrong.

When creating a permit, you may be required to submit documentation. These documents can be varied, like swept path analysis,and traffic engineering reports. If you aren’t intimately familiar with the ins and outs of traffic control, then you might not even know what these reports mean!

A swept path analysis is the evaluation of the space required for a vehicle to turn, while the traffic engineering report covers the prospective changes to the flow of traffic with a proposed development.

Filling these kinds of documents correctly can be the difference between your event going ahead and having to cancel something really important.

In short, you need to prove that you can provide an adequate place for traffic to go if you are changing or blocking off any part of the normal thoroughfare. By filling these out in the permits, you can easily predict any issues that may arise with the planned traffic management solution and come up with contingencies. This helps to give the traffic a way to work together harmoniously and reduces the chances of frustration, anger or even accidents occurring.

Is it difficult to get a traffic control permit?

Acquiring a permit depends on where you are in Australia, with rules and regulations differing from one state to another. Locally, you have to apply to the council for granting a permit, and it is important to do so quickly if you are applying for a date that is in high demand.

In addition to the regulations and rules imposed by the council, you also have to comply with the VicRoads Memorandum of Authorisations (MOAs). These are rules and regulations around using signage and redirection of traffic.

You will also need to supply evidence of having capable and qualified traffic controllers in order to have traffic diverted.

All in all, it can be a tedious and difficult process to get yourself all the appropriate permits and permissions to have an event.

Why use TrafficWorx?

TrafficWorx are the absolute authority on plans and permits for events within Australia. They can easily and quickly come up with traffic management solutions, file traffic control permits, and supply appropriate signage and gear.

Trying to handle all of these steps by yourself is a tricky endeavour and is likely to leave everyone stranded on the road while you grow increasingly worried by the line of cars honking at your traffic controllers!

Simply put, using TrafficWorx for your traffic management solutions and permits makes your life—and the lives of everyone else on the road that day—easier and simpler.

Creating harmony on the road with appropriate traffic control permits is what TrafficWorx does, and they do it so well, you might as well let them take the responsibility for you. Contact their friendly team for more information today!