Traffic Control Supplies for Your Next Roadworks Project

traffic control supplies

Traffic Control Supplies for Your Next Roadworks Project

One of the most important parts of traffic management is ensuring the safety of vehicles, pedestrians, and traffic control officers. To enhance protection and successfully guide and manage traffic, appropriate traffic control supplies are essential. From cones to barricades, TrafficWorx offers a wide range of supplies to consider for your next roadworks project. 

Importance of Traffic Control Supplies

Whether it’s a small job on a back road or larger work on a main road, proper gear assists in minimising disruptions. Traffic management on a construction site, for example, may involve temporary barriers, portable traffic signals, or flagging to establish clear work zones and reduce potential accidents and hazards. 

Benefits of traffic control supplies include: 

  • Enhanced Safety. Prevent accidents and improves road safety 
  • Legal Compliance. Ensures adherence to traffic laws  
  • Work Zone Protection. Safeguards workers in construction zones 
  • High Visibility. Reflective materials for better awareness 
  • Traffic Flow Control. Reduces congestion, aids management 
  • Emergency Response. Secures accident scenes, maintains traffic
  • Temporary Closure. Facilitates event and construction detours 
  • Pedestrian Safety. Promotes safe crosswalks and crossings. 
  • Liability Reduction. Minimises organisational legal risks.

Top Traffic Control Supplies

Here are some of the top traffic control supplies to consider for your next roadworks project: 

  1. Rubber Speed Humps 

Rubber speed humps are sturdy and low-maintenance. They gently nudge drivers to slow down, enhancing road safety without disruption. Installation is easy, making them a cost-effective solution for any project. 

  1. Kerb Barriers

Kerb barriers are the guardians of construction zones. Their robust design ensures they stand strong against traffic, while their vivid colours and reflective strip ensure drivers notice them. Easy to deploy and relocate, they keep both workers and motorists safe. 

Other uses and benefits may include: 

  • Act as a visual deterrent, preventing unauthorised access to construction zones 
  • Prevent accidents and collisions 
  1. Parking Buffers 

Parking buffers maintain order in your parking areas. Sturdy and dependable, they aid in preventing chaos and protecting structures. Their vibrant colouring catches attention, ensuring safety for all vehicles. They are easy to install and move when necessary. 

  1. Arrowboards 

Arrowboards play a pivotal role in the traffic management space. Available in a wide range of sizes, these versatile boards adapt to your project’s needs - fixed or mobile. With dynamic lighting sequences, they instantly alert drivers to hazards and guide them appropriately. Ideal for detours and changing conditions, Arrowboards, when integrated with other signage, effectively promote safety and harmony on the road. 

  1. Lighting Towers 

Lighting towers are portable powerhouses that are a snap to set up, illuminating the path for both workers and commuters. They’re not limited to roadworks but can also assist on construction sites. Portable and inflatable, these lighting towers can illuminate far and wide - ensuring that night operations are as effective as daytime work. These high-wattage towers are key in promoting safety and security. 

Other uses and benefits may include: 

  • Enhance security and deter potential intruders on construction sites
  • Improve productivity by extending work hours into the night 
  • Offer versatility with their portability - suitable for various locations 
  1. Variable Message System (VMS) Sign Boards 

VMS sign boards are versatile and practical tools in the roadworks landscape. Solar-powered with GPS tracking, they offer remote message control from any location. Available in various sizes, these boards are ideal for private functions, events, sales campaigns, corporate gatherings, and, of course, roadworks. 

  1. Barricades And Barriers

There are various types of barricades and barriers available, including Triton Water Barriers, Blockout Barriers, Crowd Control Barriers, and Bollard. You can select the barricade that best matches your safety requirements and specific traffic conditions. Whether it’s navigating diverse environmental surroundings, inclement weather, or specific operation needs - there are several different types tailored to varying applications. 

  1. Road Line Marking

Road line marking paints the very roads on which we travel. When managing a roadworks project, precise road line marking is key to ensuring on-site safety and protection. It’s wise to use appropriate industrial-strength road paints for various environments to ensure durability.

Road line markings are used for various purposes in transportation and road infrastructure and offer several benefits:

  • Traffic guidance and control 
  • Lane discipline 
  • Intersection management 
  • Parking areas 
  • School zones 
  • Bicycle lanes 
  • Visibility enhancement 
  • Traffic flow management 
  • Pedestrian safety 
  • Road aesthetics 
  1. Construction Site Signage

Constriction site signage is used for directional cues, safety warnings, and general information - all of which assist roadwork crews to do their jobs efficiently. Permanent, temporary, and custom-made signage tailored to your needs are all available, depending on your specific requirements. Installation is also streamlined to cut costs and time. 

Traffic control supplies play a crucial role in protecting workers, motorists, and pedestrians. From classic arrowboards and parking buffers to rubber speed humps and lighting towers, there’s plenty of quality gear available to enhance and promote safety during your roadworks project. Whether a quick back-road job, a main road maintenance update, or a large construction job, utilising the finest traffic control equipment will streamline the process, cut costs, and, most importantly, keep people safe.