Maximising Safety with Traffic Management Signage Solutions

Traffic Management Signage Solutions

Maximising Safety with Traffic Management Signage Solutions

At TrafficWorx, we believe good signage and infrastructure are essential in ensuring road user safety and protecting road workers or event attendees from harm. A leading supplier of traffic management signage, we can provide you with the signs, infrastructure and traffic control supplies to make sure your project or event is safe for everyone involved.

Our products can be installed much more quickly and at a lower price point than traditional asphalt or concrete speed bumps and barriers. Plus, they can be used in temporary or long-term applications. We supply our gear to construction sites, festivals, private events, traffic diversions and more—doing the on-the-ground work to make sure your project runs as smoothly as possible.

Why use traffic management signage?

Signage is absolutely critical in guiding drivers, pedestrians and cyclists. When regular transit routes are disrupted, the biggest priority should always be safety. Safety begins with keeping everyone well-informed of route changes and managing the disrupted flow of traffic.

Major construction works, big events like parades and festivals, weather events and damaged infrastructure can all involve road closures, diversions and heavier-than-usual traffic flows. We all know that road users are accustomed to their regular routes and can be impatient with delays. Unless road signage is clear, noticeable and accurate, dangerous situations can easily occur.

Signage and traffic management systems are also essential to protect workers who may be active in barricaded areas or assisting in directing the flow of traffic. If there are not clear demarcations separating authorised-access zones from public areas, accidents can occur. That’s why we make sure our products are of highest quality—we understand that exceptional visibility, durability and stability are essential when it comes to our roads.

What TrafficWorx can offer

TrafficWorx can provide everything you need for your traffic management situation, project or event. Whether you need traffic control supplies or traffic management signage, we have the equipment that will allow you to manage traffic safely, effectively, quickly and at a low price point.

For traffic flow and speed management, we can supply rubber speed humps, roundabouts and kerb barriers. These products are easy to assemble and do not require any heavy equipment or earthworks to install, unlike permanent concrete or asphalt products. For parking areas and zone demarcation, we have parking buffers and barricades that make the establishment of specific-use areas incredibly simple.

Our range of signage is extensive and flexible to your needs. We can supply light-up arrow boards, directional signs, warning signs and variable message signage (VMS), all for a low price. Custom signs can even be manufactured and supplied to order, along with the required support structures and stands.

Safety first

Above all, TrafficWorx values the safety of our customers and our approach guarantees that road users, workers and event attendees will be kept safe. All of our equipment is industry-compliant, durable, stable and highly visible. Our dedicated team can consult with you about your signage or traffic management needs and then deliver and erect your selected products, ensuring they are installed according to regulatory standards.

While TrafficWorx solutions are designed for easy disassembly, it's important to emphasise that the convenience of our products does not mean a compromise in terms durability or sturdiness. These solutions are constructed with robust materials and up-to-date engineering techniques, ensuring they remain resilient and effective even after disassembly and reinstallation.

Whether you’re after a few signs for an event or a major diversion of a regular traffic route, our rigorous approach is the same. We understand that any situation that involves road safety, traffic diversions and crowd management is high risk, and we have extensive hazard management experience to deal with a whole range of projects.

Flexible service

We cater to big and small clients and can source and fabricate equipment to meet your exact specifications. We also provide both temporary and long-term solutions to traffic management. Some events require traffic to be diverted only for a few hours, whereas other situations require our products to remain in place for months at a time.

TrafficWorx aims to cater to all traffic management needs. Whether you're embarking on a major construction project or planning a small community event, we can help you make it safe, accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

Ensure success with TrafficWorx

A huge amount of effort goes into event planning and construction projects. We understand that juggling the expectations of contractors and stakeholders is no easy task—so why not let TrafficWorx take care of the traffic management side of things, so you can focus on the big picture.

To ensure a successful event or project, the first step is reaching out to our highly-skilled team. Our staff are fully accredited and can offer expert advice on your traffic management needs. To get started, reach out to our team today.