The Best of All the Traffic Control Companies

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Safety and precision go hand in hand with the top name of all the traffic control companies in Melbourne. That’s TrafficWorx.

The first step in any successful project where traffic control is involved is expert planning. This includes how everything should run and a detailed timeline of when and where all the elements will come together. Then there is the importance of having the skills to adapt to any changes in that schedule due to unforeseen circumstances.

That’s where an agile team with years of experience comes into the equation. It’s this ability to deal with the unexpected and still perform to the highest level that makes TrafficWorx the best choice for a wide range of quality traffic control services.

A track record you can rely on

You don’t last long in the business of traffic control and management unless you know exactly what you’re doing and offer the highest level of service at every stage of the project.

This is precisely why TrafficWorx is the ‘go to’ team for everything from major events and high profile works across Melbourne and Victoria.

Whether it's specialised services for Metro trains or the total MCG redevelopment, a long list of festivals, both major and community events, as well as a range of work for utility companies, and domestic and commercial builders. When there are roadworks around Melbourne and throughout Victoria, there’s every chance that the special traffic management is being looked after by us.

While we can look after large scale projects, you can be sure that we can cater for smaller and specialised jobs as well. This includes everything in traffic control supplies for;

  • Rubber speed humps,
  • Roundabouts,
  • Kerbside barriers,
  • Parking Buffers
  • As well as VMS Boards and Signs in a range of different sizes

It’s great to know that you can get the best in traffic control services and supplies all with the one trusted team of professionals.

With something like specially pre-made Speed Humps, you have something that can be instantly transported to your chosen site and immediately installed. This includes having the ability to add any ancillary signage you need for your project.

The best traffic management always comes down to the quality of planning. It’s more than just knowing how to devise the best ways to manage traffic, it’s about having the ability to see potential problems and having the adaptability to suit different scenarios.

It doesn’t matter what the scale of the project is or its location. For everyone to be able to do the work required and meet the deadline and budget, you need to ensure everyone who needs access has it. The special skill is to manage all these different factors and minimise any disruption to traffic while providing the highest standards of safety at all times.

There’s one team that goes above and beyond with their level of service and attention to detail. That’s TrafficWorx for you.

Have your project run like clockwork with TrafficWorx

TrafficWorx is proud to be the best of all the traffic control companies Melbourne has. We never take our success for granted. That’s why we are committed to maintaining our high standards in everything we do so we can continually deliver the best in traffic control.

TrafficWorx runs ongoing staff training and accreditation for our dedicated team and we’re proud to be able to share our years of experience in dealing with a wide range of clients on projects both large and small.

You will always know that we provide the ultimate in service delivery to meet your budget and your deadline. With full VicRoads Accreditation and the highest levels of expertise, you can be sure we’ll do more than look after all your traffic needs, we’ll find the best traffic solution for you too.

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