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Traffic management

There needs to be precision and planning when it comes to traffic management and managing traffic for roadworks, events and building and construction requires having the best in traffic control services.

Traffic control is more than keeping traffic moving as efficiently as possible. To be able to provide the highest level of traffic management solutions, ensure the safety of the public, address issues of access and traffic congestion throughout the project takes experience and expertise. This is why enlisting the services of trusted professionals who cover all those issues and know everything involved in how to implement a traffic management plan is so important. 

Traffic management needs to be thoroughly planned with a special attention to devising the best ways to manage the traffic issues and specific circumstances relating to the scale of the project and its location.

Roadworks and especially building and construction projects require a combination of skill, experience and professionalism to minimise traffic disruptions while always ensuring the highest levels in safety.

All the factors that go into quality traffic management and solutions need to be handled promptly and efficiently with special attention to detail.

Traffic management and a trusted team

The road authority is responsible for the installation, maintenance and repair of traffic control devices, and potentially liable for the misuse of traffic control devices that may cause an incident as outlined in the Road Safety (Traffic Management) Regulations 2019.

Having the correct authorisation for making changes to traffic conditions is crucial. As those road safety regulations state, it is “reasonable to expect that any third-party that seeks to interfere with the normal use of an existing permanent traffic control device on a road by either removing or altering that device, or by temporarily erecting, displaying or placing a new device on a road, should have the appropriate prior authorisation from the relevant road authority”. This is not something that can be left to chance, especially in the case that there is an incident. It’s invaluable to have the best traffic control solutions team behind you.

Of the many different third parties that may need to access a road or road-related area and either interfere with the normal use of an existing permanent traffic control device or install a new temporary device, includes:

  • works managers authorised by a service provider to conduct works 
  • road construction companies or their contractors
  • developers, building and construction companies or their contractors
  • event organisers of activities such as filming, races, street festivals and markets

The issues of safety and traffic congestion differ depending on the location and include factors such as whether other authorised works or events are being conducted in the surrounding area. This is why it pays to have the top professionals looking after your project.

Traffic control and planning

In order to prevent unnecessary traffic congestion or inconvenience to other road users, or have an adverse impact on other authorised works, the use and display time of traffic control devices may need to change. 

As an example, any works conducted in close proximity to a school may require the display time of the proposed traffic control devices to be limited to within school hours to ensure that students, teachers, staff and parents can arrive and leave safely.

 This is where the correct and detailed planning makes all the difference.

It’s vital that to implement a traffic management plan, you have an experienced and reliable team looking after all of the details from start to finish. This includes the special requirements needed from VicRoads and the relevant council and all the necessary submissions for permits and approval.

Why it pays to talk to TrafficWorx 

TrafficWorx is proud to maintain its commitment to using our specialised skills in traffic control services to find the most appropriate traffic management solutions.

We have years of experience in dealing with a wide range of clients on projects both large and small, but always making sure we meet each client’s needs within their budget and to their deadline.

We have full VicRoads Accreditation and true expertise which allows us to look after all your traffic needs and find the best traffic solution possible.

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